Annual General Meeting (AGM): Constitutionally, the overall governing body of the network, composed by all TAWASANET Members. AGM meets once a year.

Board: Organ responsible for all the affairs of the network, made up of 7 – 9 members, elected by the AGM to serve 3 years’ term. It meets quarterly.

Advisory Group: Composed by 3 – 7 recognized WASH experts proposed by the Board of Directors, and approved by the AGM to serve 2 years’ term. Their role is to advise the Board on global trends, best practices, opportunities and general management of the network.

Secretariat: Organ appointed by the Board, responsible for the day-to-day activities of the network. It is headed by the National Coordinator, who is the Secretary to the Board.
The current Secretariat structure has 5 key positions – National Coordinator, Finance and Administration Officer, Policy and Advocacy Officer, Data Management and M&E Officer, and Communication and Networking Officer – as structured below: