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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Distance to water source and altitude in relation to active trachoma in Rombo district, Tanzania 2006 Journal article R F Baggaley et al academia To investigate the relationship between distance to water source, altitude and active trachoma in children
The evolution of community water governance in Uchira, Tanzania: The implications for equality of access, sustainability and effectiveness 2006 Journal article Frances Cleaver et al academia the contested nature of community ownership and the complex evolution of a ‘community-owned’ institution.
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding Cholera Outbreaks in Ilala Municipality in Dar es Salaam 2005 Journal Article Veronicaa Mpazi et al academia assess the knowledge, attitudes and practice that influence cholera outbreaks
Acceptance of ecosan concepts in Tanzania - a case study of “piloting ecological sanitation Majumbasita Dar Es Salaam” 2003 Symposium article Alfred J. Shayo organization Piloting Ecological Sanitation at Majumbasita Dar Es Salaam Tanzania particularly aimed to adapt Ecological Sanitation
Willingness to pay to improve domestic water supply in rural areas of central Tanzania: Implications for policy 2003 Journal article Aloyce Kaliba et al academia An estimate of willingness to pay provides an indication of the demand for improved services and potential for them being sustainable.
Cholera Outbreak in Southern Tanzania: Risk Factors and Patterns of Transmission 2001 Journal article Camilo Acosta et al academia Identify risk factors of a cholera outbreak (1997)
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