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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Identifying resilience pathways to sanitary health problems in an unplanned ward of Dodoma, Tanzania 2008 Journal article Flora Kessy, Brigit Obrist academia explores water- and sanitation-related health risks among the urban poor
The health-related microbiological quality of bottled drinking water sold in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2007 Journal article Gabriel R. Kassenga academia In this study, the microbiological quality of bottled and plastic-bagged drinking water sold in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, was investigated.
Knowledge and Health Information Communication in Tanzania 2007 Journal article Leonard E.G. Mboera et al academia To explore and identify gaps in knowledge and information communication at all levels of health delivery system in Tanzania.
The Study of Water Supply and Traditional Water Purification Knowledge in Selected Rural Villages in Tanzania 2007 Chapter Nancy Jotham Marobhe et al academia investigate the water supply problems in four villages and the use of local coagulants for purification
Water for Life: Lessons learnt from 15 years of German Development Cooperation in the Kilimanjaro Region 2007 Research paper German Developent Cooperation donor (German Development Cooperation) our distinct models as case studies of multi-village and single-village, community-owned rural water supply organisations, as well as urban and privatised water utilities
From Public Pipes to Private Hands: Water Access and Distribution in Dar es Salaam 2006 Research report Marianne Kjellen academia This thesis explores individual and collective endeavors in water development, distribution, and access, along with the global and local influences that shaped the privatization exercise.
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