Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network

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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Integration of Community Water Points Management within the Context of Overall Planning in Mvomero 2009 Case study Sigareti, Agnes INGO: SNV addresses the challenges to implement community managed schemes using the Mvomero District experience as an example in stimulating community initiative from supply driven to demand driven management through planning
PHAST evaluation 2009 Evaluation national extensive evaluation of PHAST approach
School water and sanitation mapping report: Mwanza 2009 Report SNV, Plan and Geodata Consultants Ltd INGO and consultancy SWASH mapping study
Challenges for Water Governance in Rural Water Supply: Lessons Learned from Tanzania 2008 Journal article A Jimenez, A Perez-Foguet Engineers without borders/ academia Identification of key issues of water governance
Sustainability Assessment Of National Rural Water Supply Program In Tanzania 2008 Journal article R Gine, A Perez-Foguet academia Review of factors that determine sustainability in Tanzania
Critical review of water supply services in urban and rural areas of Tanzania 2008 Journal article Nancy Jotham Marobhe academia analyses issues and problems pertaining to urban and rural water supply services in Tanzania
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