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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
People Living with HIV and AIDS: An Exploratory Study 2009 Research report Diana Nkongo and Christian Chonya INGO: WaterAid and AMREF case study evidence illustrating key water, sanitation and hygiene issues from the perspective of those living with HIV and AIDS
Bacterial Populations in Complementary Foods and Drinking-water in Households with Children Aged 10-15 Months in Zanzibar, Tanzania 2009 Journal article Jacqueline K. Kung’u et al academia Foodborne microbial agents can cause diarrhoeal diseases and ill-health in infants
Assessment of latrine use and quality and association with risk of trachoma in rural Tanzania 2009 Journal article Maggie Montgomery et al academia Using more precise sanitation measures we examine the association between use and quality of latrines and risk of trachoma.
Market Research Assessment in Rural Tanzania for New Approaches to Stimulate and Scale up Sanitation Demand and Supply 2009 Evaluation/ research report PWC consultancy (PWC) consumer/household research study, which aimed to gain a better understanding of consumer perceptions, attitudes, knowledge, and habits related to tse of improved sanitation
Public-public partnerships in urban water provision: the case of Dar es Salaam 2009 Journal Article Brian Dill academia strengths and limitations of PuPs with respect to water provision in
Strengthening Inclusion of the Poor in Investments in Urban Water and Sanitation: the Case Study of Dar es Salaam Water Supply and Sanitation Project 2009 Evaluation/ research report Paula Tibandebage and Festo Maro national organization (Economic and Social Research Foundation) investigate how and the extent to which poor urban populations are being served under the IDA supported Dar es Salaam Water Supply and Sanitation Project (DWSSP)
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