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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Comparing the Effectiveness of Shared versus Private Latrines in Preventing Trachoma in Rural Tanzania 2010 Journal article Maggie Montgomery et al academia This study examines this link by assessing the association between shared latrines compared with private latrines and risk of trachoma.
Informal Urban Settlements and Cholera Risk in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2010 Journal article Katharine Penrose et al academia Examines environmental data and burden of cholera in Dar es Salaam
The improvement of the sanitation services in Moshi (Tanzania), Demand Analysis and Sector Regulation 2010 Research report Amos Mhina, Bernard Contamin academia hypothesis that household demand for sanitation service is determined by household characteristics and social and physical environment.
Hands, Water, and Health: Fecal Contamination in Tanzanian Communities with Improved, Non-Networked Water Supplies 2010 Journal Article Amy Pickering et al academia evaluate quantitatively the association between hand contamination and stored water quality within households
Improving investment planning for WASH: What can councillors do? The case of Mvomero 2010 Case study Meelker, Jan INGO: SNV correlation between Local Government Authority (LGA) planning/ implementation and the actual situation with regard to water point functionality
A study of factors affecting sustainability of Rural Water Supplies in Tanzania 2009 Research report Alexia Haysom INGO: WaterAid The research was initiated after a water point survey revealed average functionality rates among public distribution points of just 45%.
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