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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
COWSO as change agent for communities to improve water delivery service 2012 Case study Elibariki Mtui et al INGO: SNV registering and strengthening COWSOs in Kahama (1 of 9 districts supported)
Implementing Pro-Poor Policies in a Decentralised Context: the case of the rural water supply and sanitation program in Tanzania 2011 Journal article Alejandro Jiménez Fernández de Palencia, Agustí Pérez-Foguet academia This paper examines the challenge of achieving a balance between the implementation of centrally designed pro-poor policies and the decentralization of responsibilities to local governments
The Effects of Informational Interventions on Household Water Management, Hygiene Behaviors, Stored Drinking Water Quality, and Hand Contamination in Peri-Urban Tanzania 2011 Journal article Jennifer Davis, Amy Pickering et al academia This study investigates the extent to which personalized information about Escherichia coli contamination of stored water and hands influenced knowledge, reported behaviors, and subsequent contamination levels among 334 households with less than 5-year-old children in peri-urban Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
A cross-sectional survey of water and clean faces in trachoma endemic communities in Tanzania 2011 Journal article Morgan Rog et al academia aimed to assess the household and personal factors that affected water use and face washing practices in Kongwa, Tanzania.
Services and Supply chains: The role of the domestic private sector in water service delivery in Tanzania 2011 Research report Kate Bayliss and Rehema Tukai int org (UNDP) presents findings from a review of the service activities of informal private water vendors
Enabling environment endline assessment: Tanzania 2011 Working paper Andy Robinson int org (World Bank WSP) presents the main findings and recommendations from the endline assessment of the ability of the enabling environment to scale up, sustain, and replicate sanitation improvements
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