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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Quality and year round availability of water delivered by improved water points in rural Tanzania: effects on coverage 2012 Journal article A Jiménez Fernández de Palencia, A Pérez Foguet academia Results of 3 water point mapping studies
Looking through an equity and inclusion lens in Tanzania: the experience of WaterAid 2012 Journal article Joyce Ndesamburo , Erin Flynn & Samantha French int NGO (WaterAid) draws on WaterAid’s experience of implementing an inclusive water and sanitation project
Scaling Up Handwashing and Rural Sanitation : Findings from a Baseline Survey in Tanzania 2012 Technical paper Bertha Bricen?o and Ahmad Yusuf int org (World Bank WSP) presents summary descriptive statistics for key demographic, socioeconomic, hygiene, health, and child development variables based on a survey of approximately 1,500 households
Fecal Contamination and Diarrheal Pathogens on Surfaces and in Soils among Tanzanian Households with and without Improved Sanitation 2012 Journal Article Amy Pickering et al academia extent or pattern of environmental fecal contamination among households using low-cost, on-site sanitation facilities, or what role environmental contamination plays in the transmission of diarrheal disease
A case study of public-private and public-public partnerships in water supply and sewerage services in Dar es Salaam 2012 Research report Triche, Thelma et al review the evolution of the institutional framework for water supply and sewerage services in Dar
Kiosk service options for utilities in Tanzania 2012 Research report int org (GiZ) summary report provides an overview of the specific kiosh approaches suitable for utilities
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