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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Why Did City Water Fail?: The Rise and Fall of private sector participation in Dar es Salaamís water supply 0000 Research report Dominic de Waal and Brian Cooksey INGO: WaterAid This report reviews the performance of short-lived experiment in private sector participation (PSP) in Dar es Salaamís water supply services,
Sanitation partnerships: Dar es Salaam Case Study 0000 Case study policy institute (BPD) Case study on emptying of pits in Dar and
Decentralization issues Behind the Public-Private Partnerships Arrangement for Improved Rural Water Supply Service Delivery: SNV experiences in Mara Region 0000 Policy report Masaka Yusufu Maganga SNV (INGO) Experiences with public private partnership model and policy approaches to decentralization
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