Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network

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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Enabling Environment Assessment for Scaling Up Sanitation Programs: Tanzania 2008 Evaluation/ research report Scott Tobias int org (World Bank WSP) determine to what extent the programmatic conditions for scale-up and sustainability are in place at the beginning of this project and, based on these baseline findings
Water sector performance report : 2007/2008 2008 Report Ministry of Water and Irrigation presents position in achieving various WASH targets (MKUKUTA, JMP etc)
Water: more for some…or some for more? Monitoring equity in water and sanitation 2008 Research report Ben Taylor NNGO, INGO (Tawasanet, WaterAid) raise awareness of and promote debate on the equity orientation of the water and sanitation sector in Tanzania
Situational Analysis of the Water Sector in Tanzania 2006 Report Ministry of Water and Irrigation provide baseline information for first Joint Water Sector review in 2006
Water Sector Development Programme, Concept Document (2006-2025) 2006 Concept note MOWI Gov't org Details general context for the sector, under sub-themes and includes challenges, policy and institutional context
The role of Districts in the implementation of Tanzania's National Sanitation Campaign 0000 Research report Alejandro Jiménez and Fimbo F. Mtango academic and int org (SIWI, Ardhi Uni), SHARE funded This study aims to provide insights for the improvement of the role of Local Government Authorities (LGAs) in rural sanitation promotion at the local level,
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