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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Situation Analysis of Women and Children in the WASH Sector in Tanzania 2009 Research paper Mr Elias Chinamo, Ben Taylor, Sarah House int orgs (WaterAid etc) analysis of the current state of the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector in Tanzania, with a particular focus on women and children.
Sanitation sector status and gap analysis: Tanzania 2009 Research report Esnat Chaggu int org (WSSCC) preliminary assessment of the status of the sector, to determine the availability and status of a national sanitation plan and elements of the plan funded or insufficiently funded
Out of sight out of mind?: Are marginalised communities being overlooked in decision making? equity report. 2009 Research report Ben Taylor NNGO, INGO (Tawasanet, WaterAid) raise awareness of and promote debate on the equity orientation of the water and sanitation sector in Tanzania
Tanzania: Public Expenditure Review of the Water Sector 2009 Research report van der Berg, Caroline et al int org (World Bank WSP) assess the quantity and quality of the transfers of public funds to the water and sanitation sector from the top of the chain (central government) to the bottom of the chain (water users) and the quality and quantity of service delivery
Management for Sustainability: Practical Lessons from three studies on the management of rural water supply schemes 2009 Research paper WaterAid Tanzania INGO: WaterAid
Enabling Environment Assessment and Baseline for Scaling Up Handwashing Programs: Tanzania 2008 Evaluation/ research report Carol Hooks int org (World Bank WSP) Assesses current conditions for scalability and sustainability and to make recommendations for improving conditions that are not supportive
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