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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Global scaling up sanitation: utilizing community based registers to monitor improved access to sanitation and hygiene in Tanzania 2011 Learning note Coombes, Yolande et al int org (World Bank WSP) WSP wanted to assess how the village registers are being used, the level of consistency and whether there is potential to scale the registers up as a monitoring tool.
Water Point Mapping for the Analysis of Rural Water Supply Plans: Case from Tanzania 2010 Journal article A Jimenez, A Perez-Foguet Engineers without borders/ academia Analyses key factors that affect effectiveness of national rural water plans: policy of allocation, choice of tech and functionality over time
The Road to Total Sanitation: Notes from a field trip and workshop on scaling up in Africa 2010 Learning exchange visit report not known int orgs (WSP, UNICEF, WaterAid) Learning exchange visit between 3 organisations to explore sanitation approaches
Water Point Mapping: the Experience of SNV Tanzania 2010 Research report not known INGO: SNV Completion report from 2 years experience
The Health Impacts of Climate Change: A Study of Cholera in Tanzania 2010 Working paper Trærup, S. L. M., R. A. Ortiz and A. Markandya academia links the incidence of cholera to environmental and socioeconomic factors and uses that relationship to predict how climate change will affect the incidence of cholera
Water sector status report 2010 Report Ministry of Water and Irrigation instrument to monitor development and evaluate progress in the water sector
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