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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Urban water and sanitation poverty in Tanzania: Evidence from the field and recommendations for successful combat strategies 2012 Research report Pauschert, Dirk et al int org (GiZ) overview of data collected through a recent Baseline Survey in Tanzania and makes recommendations for combating urban water and sanitation poverty
Achieving Sustainability of Rural Water Suppy Services Through An Application of Water Point Functionality Intervention Framework 2012 Research brief INGO: SNV Detals SNV's programme experience of registering COWSOs and water point functionality
Water Supply and Sanitation in Tanzania: Turning Finance into Services for 2015 and Beyond 2011 AMCOW country status paper Various int org (UNICEF, WSP AMCOW commissioned Country Status Overviews (CSOs)
Utilizing Community-Based Registers to Monitor Improved Access to Sanitation and Hygiene in Tanzania 2011 Learning note Yolande Coombes int org (World Bank WSP) assess how the village registers are being used, the level of consistency and whether there is potential to scale the registers up as a monitoring tool.
Tanzania: A Handwashing Behavior Change Journey 2011 Learning note Yolande Coombes and Nat Paynter int org (World Bank WSP) documents the development of the large scale hand washing project, with a focus on how it was designed, implemented, and monitored
Does the WSDP benefit the underserved? 2011 Research report Fidelis Paul NNGO, INGO (Tawasanet, WaterAid) raise awareness of and promote debate on the equity orientation of the water and sanitation sector in Tanzania
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