Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network

Global Knowledge Repository

Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Water Sector Development Programme 2007-2014, Evaluation of Phase 1 2013 Evaluation report Ian Ross, Jeremy Colin et al policy institute (OPM) Team evaluation on behalf of Ministry
Rapid Budget Analysis of the Water Sector in Tanzania 2013 Research paper Andrew Quinn and Helen Tilley policy institute (ODI) Budget analysis of WSDP
Economic Impact of Poor Sanitation in Africa: Tanzania 2012 Research brief various WSP and UNICEF Desk study
Equity report on Sanitation and Hygiene 2012 Research report NNGO (Tawsanet) Synposis of previous equity monitoring
Harmonisation of Practices Towards Improved School WASH in Tanzania 2012 Case study Sigareti, Agnes et al INGO: SNV Baseline scoping of WASH in schools
Informal service providers in Tanzania: A differentiated perspective on managing the unwanted side of water service provision 2012 Research report Pauschert, Dirk et al int org (GiZ) provides a typology and defini- tions of ISPs
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