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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
Water point mapping in Tanzania: An e-government reality check 2014 Powerpoint Ben Taylor NNGO: Twaweza Analysis of water point mapping
A review of sanitaiton and hygiene in Tanzania 2013 Research report Dr Jacqueline Thomas Dr Niklaus Holbro Dale Young SHARE consortium (academic, int and local orgs) summarises the available literature to provide the current status of sanitation and hygiene and an overview of projects and programmes in Tanzania.
Evaluating the potential of microfinance for sanitation in Tanzania 2013 Research report Sophie Trémolet and George Muruka Tremolet consulting via SHARE seeks to map out the existing provision of microfinance for sanitation, to identify where opportunities for future market development lie and to identify how the development of such a market could be fostered
Meeting the water and sanitation MDGs: a study of human resource development requirements in Tanzania 2013 Journal article Richard Kimwaga, Joel Nobert, Victor Kongo and Mpembe Ngwisa academia conducted with a focus on determining HR requirements in the public sector and parastatal institutions, in the private sector
Six years of reflection: informing the second phase of the water sector development program 2013 Research report NNGO, INGO (Tawasanet, WaterAid) raise awareness of and promote debate on the equity orientation of the water and sanitation sector in Tanzania
The Politics of Water in Rural Tanzania 2013 Academic report Barak D. Hoffman academia Prepared for May 20, 2013 conference of the Working Group on African Political Economy at the World Bank
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