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Title Year Type Author/Producer Type of Producer Summary
COWSOs: Managing Community Water 2015 Policy Brief SNV INGO Experiences with COWSOs, argues brief argues that social enterprises, when applying the principle of the economies of scale, will be able to act on behalf of the COWSOs
Where There Is No Toilet: Water and Sanitation Environments of Domestic and Facility Births in Tanzania 2014 Journal article Lenka Benova, Oliver Cumming, Bruce A. Gordon, Moke Magoma, Oona M. R. Campbell academia/ organisation uses existing data sources to assess the water and sanitation environment surrounding births in Tanzania
What role for local government in sanitation promotion? Lessons from Tanzania 2014 Journal Article Alejandro Jiménez, Fimbo F. Mtango and Sandy Cairncross academia This paper analyses the role that local governments can have in sanitation promotion in this new framework.
Child Feces Disposal in Tanzania 2014 Research brief int org (UNICEF and WSP) overview of the available data on child feces disposal in Tanzania and concludes with ideas to strengthen safe disposal practices
Improved Sanitation Can Make Children Taller and Smarter in Rural Tanzania 2014 Research brief Quattri, Maria et al int org (World Bank WSP) discusses an analysis conducted by WSP to examine the link between sanitation and stunting in Tanzania
Learning from each other: A novel approach towards capacity development in the water sector in Tanzania 2014 Research report int org (GiZ) outlines process through which the Ministry of Water (MoW) and GIZ are promoting and mainstreaming capacity development in the water sector
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