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Developing microfinance for sanitation in Tanzania 2015 Research report Sophie Trémolet, Goufrane Mansour and George Muruka Tremolet consulting and MicroSave via SHARE explore how microfinance can help leverage household investments, as well as unlock funding to support the development of a complete range of sanitation services, such as latrine emptying.
Report of the Technical Assistance Provided to the National Sanitation Campaign 2015 Technical paper C Ajith Kumar int org (World Bank WSP) Review of technical assistance (TA), Enabling Rural Sanitation Demand and Supply, was provided by WSP to the National Sanitation Campaign (NSC) in Tanzania, from 2012-15
Promoting Handwashing and Sanitation: An Impact Evaluation of Two Large-Scale Campaigns in Rural Tanzania 2015 Research brief Elisabeth Burgess, int org (World Bank WSP) overview of two large-scale campaigns that sought to address these problems, and the key results of a recent evaluation of the impact of these efforts.
Sanitation Monitoring Handbook for Households and Institutions: Tanzania Mainland 2015 Research report Kaposo Boniface Mwambuli int org (World Bank WSP) Overview of technical assistance to new national sanitation complex monitoring system
Promoting Handwashing and Sanitation: evidence from a large scale randomized trial in rural Tanzania 2015 Research report Briceno, Bertha et al int org (World Bank WSP) evidence research on large-scale, government-led handwashing and sanitation promotion campaigns
Mapping Sanitation and Hygiene Stakeholders and Recommendations for Improving Implementation of the National Sanitation Campaign in Tanzania 2015 Report GIZ and MoHSW donor and gov't org mapping study was to establish a database of stakeholders implementing or support- ing sanitation and hygiene activities in the country
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