Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network

Our Main Programmes

Our main programmes and activities are focusing on:

Over the years, the network's role has been to coordinate and streamline the raised voices of member organizations working at the grassroots level and present them to the national level for influencing change in WASH policies, laws and regulations. Another focus has been collection and dissemination of the emerging learning and best practices at the global fora. The network's role goes beyond coordination through assuring quality and accountability of the CSOs in the Tanzania WASH sector. 

TAWASANET facilitates networking among the Tanzania WASH civil society organizations. It also acts as a bridge between WASH CSOs and other stakeholders including the government (both central and local), development partners and private sector. 

Documentation and Dissemination
TAWASANET is a resource centre for WASH knowledge and learning. Key information on WASH, including funding, technological and technical opportunities as well as best practices, are documented and disseminated at all levels.

Policy Research, Lobbying and Advocacy
TAWASANET conducts policy research on WASH for lobbying and advocacy at the national and international levels through sectoral dialogues, meetings, workshops and fora. Annually, equity monitoring reports are prepared and presented to the Joint Sector Review meetings to inform the sector. 

Capacity building
The network builds the capacity of its members in various areas including WASH governance, advocacy, budget tracking, WASH monitoring and evaluation, and research activities.